Awesome lil Throwback For Y'all. ENJOY!

Our debut album uploaded and released EVERYWHERE!!! It's been a long road to getting this thing done. We're posting new videos up to our social media sites that talk a lot about songs and give short samples. Can't wait for this thing to come out and we start booking shows!!! 

New t-shirts are in. I'm opening up this website's merch store soon so y'all can snag one AND some past Blood Corps merch as well. ^_^ 



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Christopher Amott

Michael Amott

Eric Clapton

Michale Graves

Lzzy Hale 

Kirk Hammett

James Hetfield

Mike Himmel

Jason Hook

Richard Kruspe

Alexi Laiho

Randy Rhoads

Bill Ruddy


Ryan Upchurch


Zakk Wylde

Behind the name of BLOOD CORPS

blood  corps :  [ bluhd  kohr ]

“When I named the band back in the day, I didn’t have any intentions to have it relate to or disrespect the Marine Corps in any way. It was just a spelling thing and it happened to work. It basically came down to this; we all threw together band names that we thought were cool and original but, after searching them on the internet, everything was taken. We had two band names that we really liked, ‘Blood Bourne’ and ‘Blood Core’. We almost gave up and went back to the drawing board. But then I had the idea to change around the spellings and making them one word and leaving out letters, kinda like Megadeth did. Nope, those were all taken too. Then I looked down at my leather jacket and saw my U.S. Marine Corps Veteran patch and suggested, “What about ‘Corps’? Like the spelling in Marine ‘Corps?’" We searched it and it wasn’t taken. So that’s how the band was named, AND avoided copyright and trademark infringement at the same time."

~Daniel Lee

Just a little bit of the past... 

Blood Corps was a hard rock metal band from Fairfax, Virginia, and founded by guitarist Daniel Lee in October of 2006. The band wouldn’t actually start taking off smoothly until guitarist Michael Mackert joined less than a year later and debuted at the band’s first national show opening for Overkill and Warbringer. In the time to follow, Michael and Daniel would team up with guitarist and producer Mike Himmel and undergo a gauntlet of guitar lessons. With their friendship growing, and showing potential with their new material, they would all soon start talking with Mike Himmel about him producing and recording Blood Corps and releasing a record. In the spring of 2008, the band would enter the studio with the professional producer and begin recording Hollow Point.

The band’s initial goal was to record and release a full length album but halfway through the recording sessions the economy started to decline rapidly and they would only be able to finish four songs. On March 13th, 2009, the band released Hollow Point as an EP and began to create quite a buzz in the local underground. Though only containing four songs, it would give a symbolic impact of a hollow point to their fans and business partners. Doors began to open for the band as they easily secured opening slots for national acts such as Kamelot, Dope, and Sonata Arctica, and swiftly expanding their fan base and reputation. Blood Corps would feature their song Buried Alive on two compilation CDs and record a promotional video for the grand opening of Stairway East Studios. In the months to follow they would submit Hollow Point to Mike Davis of Baltimore’s 98 Rock radio station and give a live interview before performing the next night for his local showcase Noise in The Basement. The second track, Death In The Hollow, would debut for metal heads everywhere across the Washington DC area and the U.S.

In early 2010, Blood Corps™ performed to a sold out crowd at Jaxx Night Club (now Empire) opening for European power metal band Hammerfall and soon after undergo a period of reconstruction. During their hiatus they would bring in drummer Markus Jackson and punk rock singer Jean Clark. That October they all would enter Omega Studios in Rockville, MD, along with sound engineers Chris Nalley and Pete Novak. With Roy Mackert (Michael's father) on bass, they would record early demos of Dreamscape and Children of Disease. But Markus and Jean’s stay in the band would be short lived. With their desires to pursue different directions in music as a career they would depart Blood Corps on respectable terms in early 2011.

With their “failure-equals-death” mentality, Daniel and Michael continue to push forward and begin replenishing the ranks. On March 27th, 2011, they would induct 17 year old drummer Danny Bollwahn and immediately begin working pre-production for a new album. "It was kinda fate really," Danny states, "Dan and Michael had been over to my house a year before I’d joined and we all jammed a bunch of times. We played everything from our favorite cover songs to the old material from Hollow Point and even some of the new material on Evolution. They were looking for a new drummer at the time and I really, really wanted to join. But with me being only 16 at the time, still in high school, and playing in another band, I couldn't exactly jump ship and join ya know? (laughing) Then a year went by, I was in a better position to join, and here I am. And it’s been awesome ever since.”

While neck deep in pre-production and early recording sessions for the new album the band started to book auditions for new vocalists. Their search would not take long this next time around and in late May of 2011, they would bring their first candidate out to their studio. “When Zach came into the studio for his audition my first thought was, ‘I’m standing six feet from a linebacker version of Corey Taylor.’” Dan exclaims, “We played through some of the songs from Evolution and Hollow Point and he just owned it. He owned it like he’d been in the band for years. And then the rest of the night was just pure awesomeness.” At the end of the evening they all would agree that Zach was their guy and they would invite him back the very next week, not for a second audition, but for band practice. Zach humbly accepted their invitation into Blood Corps and immediately began working on new lyrics and melodies for the album. "When I walked into the room the first time I was skeptical. I knew these guys were good musicians, and I knew I liked their style from hearing the music they made with Nina and Clark, but I also knew that there is more to a band than the sound. I wanted a band that made the kind of music that I enjoyed and enjoyed writing, but I also wanted a band that had the same mind-set that I had. I wanted a band of guys that I could relate to. After trying out for a few other bands and singing for a more "blues" styled rock band composed of 30-45 year old hobby-musicians, I was losing hope. The first audition felt like a practice. The guys were awesome. I knew this was the band for me. Now they're like family." On June 9th, 2011… the new evolution of Blood Corps would commence.

“Bass has been the one position in our band that hasn’t really ever been truly filled. We’ve been told over the years by many people that we’ll never have a steady bass player and so far it’s been true and it’s been a curse.” Michael says. “Hell, my dad (Roy) has even played bass for us a couple of times. There were times where he’d yell at Dan and I, ‘You guys need to find a freakin’ bass player! I like playing shows with you all and I like playing your songs and helping you out… but I’m getting too old for this gents. They’re out there! Go find one!’ And you know what? We did.” In early 2012, the band would proudly fill the position and welcome Billy Bones into the family. Smoothing out their sound and locking in the rhythm section, Blood Corps becomes more solid and tighter than ever before. 

In the fall of 2014 BowTie (Encasing Embrace) would fill in for Blood Corps on bass but it would be short lived. Danny departed the band to pursue other projects. As a few years go by the four of them would take a break from the stage while still working on the new album, The Temple & The Fallen

On October 31, 2012, Blood Corps officially release their first full length album Evolution. In September of 2018 the band re-released Evolution digitally remastered, and had it up for everyone to download for free. "We had it free for everyone because we felt it would suck for our fans to have to re-buy.. and we just didn't want to do that. So, there ya go. Much Love. LOL!"  With BowTie on bass and Seif Moussa on drums... new shows for 2019 and on are being booked! 

In December of 2018, the guys would vote for a new band name thus bringing in HE BETRAYS. New songs, new look, new edge. 

On July 8th, 2020, there were some unfortunate/unavoidable complications that surfaced and Tyler had to depart He Betrays. 

More on the way...